Scots Turf Donation Will ‘Change Lives’ at Motherwell FC Community Trust

Charmian Robsonin Exhibition News

A donation of football equipment from Scots Turf may seem like a simple gesture, but Motherwell Football Club Chief Executive Dawn Middleton is certain it will change the lives of the local community.

In partnership with New World Sport, Scots Turf donated footballs, bibs, markers, coaches' notebooks and more following a second successful Scots Turf show. It has always been the aim of organisers Richard Heywood and Alan Thomson to give back to sport-focused charities in Scotland, and the Motherwell FC Community Trust is the first.

As the official charity of Motherwell FC, the Trust leverages the club's brand and the unifying power of football to drive positive change in the local community. In 2021, a UEFA Social Return and Investment report revealed that the charity's initiatives resulted in £13.64 million worth of health benefits, saving the NHS money on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, mental health and more.

With no core income, the charity relies on fundraising and donations to operate. While you might think money is what's needed, Dawn explains that football equipment is much more important than that.

"Firstly, I'd like to express our gratitude for the donation, which really makes a difference and does change lives," Dawn began. "Sometimes people will say, 'Oh, it would be great if you got money,' but it's not about money. This donation was far more valuable to us than money.

"It’s absolutely fantastic for us because equipment is expensive, and you can never have enough. Andy, our Head of Community Football does an excellent job, and coaches always ask him to spend money on equipment. It was great for us to be able to go back and supply it.

“The Trust supports a diverse range of 29 community teams, spanning from children born in 2019 to walking footballers in their 80s, women's recreational football, and disability football. Each of these groups requires their own footballs, bibs, and markers, which often get lost or damaged. The donation from Scots Turf has significantly reduced the financial , burden on the Trust, ensuring the affordability of participation for all.”

The Motherwell FC Community Trust operates in one of Scotland's most deprived areas. Due to increasing mortgage rates, food prices, and fuel costs, the community team experiences a lot of in-work poverty. Through donations, however, they have been able to limit the rise in community team monthly subscription costs to just 5p over seven years, which is invaluable for those participating.