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Everris logo w strap CMYKIn February 2011, the Scotts Miracle Gro Company sold its Professional Division to the ICL Group. At landmark events today at their controlled release production facilities in Heerlen, the Netherlands and Charleston US, executives from Scotts Professional and ICL Specialty Fertilizers announced a new name for the global professional business: Everris.™.

Representing the term "Ever Rising", the name Everris is symbolic of the new company's commitment to further enhance the technologies, products and services it offers to horticulture, agriculture and turf & amenity professionals worldwide. In addition to its English meaning, the name also represents the French, Italian and Spanish terms for "green"-"vert" and "verde."

Building upon the strengths of Scotts Professional and ICL, Everris will continue developing the world's most highly efficient, leading-edge plant and turf products, including Osmocote®, Peters®, Universol®, Levington®, Humax®, Sierraform® GT, Sierrablen® Plus and Agroblen®. According to Everris CEO Fred Bosch, the company's new tagline, "Driven by Innovation, Inspired by Nature", underlines its ultimate goal to bring professional products and innovative, sustainable solutions to ornamental horticulture growers, turf managers, landscapers and farmers.

"For years, we've helped growers and turf managers to design smarter nutritional programmes and plant protection programmes that often combine our unique technologies (such as controlled release, slow release, water soluble and foliar) to feed plants exactly what they need, when they need it," Bosch said. "Everris combines the technical expertise and resources of both Scotts and ICL, making us well-poised to take our innovative spirit to the next level."

Everris will nurture the momentum generated by its recent breakthrough products for container nursery stock growers, continuing to emphasize the company's goal of delivering products that promote and protect the environment. One of the most promising innovations is Osmocote® with Fusion Technology™, a product with a unique fusing agent that binds fertilizer prills to growing media, reducing the loss of nutrients when a pot falls over due to heavy winds or during transfer throughout the nursery.

In the UK, Everris recently registered a new product called PlantTrust® featuring Controlled Release Control (CRC) Technology. Based upon the principles of controlled release fertilizer technology, PlantTrust® releases starter nutrients while also protecting against the pathogen phytophthora. This unique combination of nutrition and plant protection is the result of multiple years of development and over 100 scientific field trials.

Because PlantTrust® is incorporated into the growing media it eliminates many drench or spray applications throughout a crop's growth cycle. In trials PlantTrust® has not only minimized the occurrence of phytophthora but also improved crop quality. Over the next few years, Everris will introduce PlantTrust® in other European countries.

A further new product registration in the UK was gained for the weedkiller Hammer®, a rapid action, total herbicide containing a brand new active ingredient. The unique combination of Pyraflufen-ethyl and Glyphosate was developed by scientists in France and the UK, and trialled over the course of two years. Hammer kills weeds quickly, and the results can be seen instantly meaning that it is an excellent tool for landscape contractors and amenity managers to keep areas weed-free.

Everris has also enjoyed success with the introduction of a new Agroblen® product for forestry production in Asia. This product boosts the growth of young forestry plants and continues the tradition of giving plants-and trees-the nutrition they need at the right times during their growth cycles.

"With a combination of great brands and experienced global sales and marketing staff, Everris is well-positioned for further strategic expansion," said Yossi Zidon, CEO of ICL Specialty Fertilizers. "Our outstanding research and development platform, special soluble fertilizer and foliar feed technologies, and superior access to raw materials will help us create a powerhouse company with significant presence worldwide."

"I believe I speak for all Everris employees when I say that we're very proud to be part of the ICL Group and its Specialty Fertilizers Business Unit," Bosch added. "ICL has given us its full support, and we now have a clear vision that will allow us to strengthen our global position. We have exactly what we need to provide the best possible products and services to the professional turf, horticulture and specialty agriculture marketplace."

About ICL

ICL is one of the world's leading fertilizer and specialty chemicals companies. For a world challenged by population growth and scarce resources, ICL makes products that increase global food and water supplies and improve industrial materials and processes.

ICL produces approximately a third of the world's bromine and is the 6th largest potash producer in the world. ICL is a leading supplier of fertilizers in Europe and a major player in specialty fertilizer market segments. One of the world's most integrated manufacturers and suppliers of phosphate products, ICL has become the world's leading provider of pure phosphoric acid and a major specialty phosphate player.

Everris logo w strap CMYKICL is comprised of three core segments: ICL Fertilizers, ICL Industrial Products and ICL Performance Products. Its major production activities are located in Israel, Europe, the US, South America and China, and are supported by major global marketing and logistics networks. ICL employs over 11,500 employees worldwide.

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