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Scrubmaster Up Hill
The answer to clearing areas of dense vegetation and heavy scrubland is to find yourself a rotary slasher tough enough for the task.

One of the originals, and still highly rated today, the Wessex Scrubmaster has an enviable reputation for serious scrub clearing ability. In fact, Wessex say, they still receive calls for spare parts for Scrubmasters over thirty years old.

Powering its way unstoppably through dense brush and scrub in woodlands and forest areas across the UK and Europe, the Scrubmaster is certainly impressive to watch. Little stands in the way of this slasher with its heavy gauge steel plate and exceptionally high performance drive system.

Definitely it's built to last. You have the choice of a blade assembly with four heavy-duty reversible blades mounted on the large hardened steel square plate, delivering over two thousand one ton impact cuts a minute. It will slash its way through woody material, effortlessly bringing down scrub, and it can be used for controlling grass and weed growth. In areas where there are tree stumps and rocks which could damage blades you can turn to the chain cutters which comprise three high tensile chains on a circular boss. This will lacerate woody and fibrous scrub growth and accelerate its breakdown.

What's of paramount importance in a slasher that's taking on such heavy-duty work is the drive system and this is transmitted via a friction plate clutch to the gearbox with hardened, bevel gears running in an oil bath for smooth operation. The cutter assembly is welded on a tapered hub which locks onto the gearbox output shaft.

The Scrubmaster also has adjustable side skids with replaceable wear shoes and the skids are positioned so the working width is marginally less than the overall width, allowing you to cut close to stumps and trees in plantations. The fully floating headstock allows the slasher to be dragged across rough ground with minimal stress to the frame of the machine and a heavy galvanized chain lifts it out of work.

Where you're manoeuvring in and around trees there is an optional rear castoring wheel assembly so you don't need to lift and lastly, the Wessex Scrubmaster has heavy gauge steel tailplates to retain debris and give the scrub no chance of escaping a thorough mulching. See the Scrubmaster in action at and ask Wessex International for a demonstration 01264 345870.

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