Sensor Grip for niche market course

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Sensor Grip for niche market course

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Mount Pleasant Golf Course is a niche market course offering players the opportunity to play either nine or eighteen holes from their twin tee facility. Located in Lower Stondon, Bedfordshire, this family owned course is 6150 yards (18) and enjoys 38,000 rounds per year. Many golfers use this course as members or as pay-and-play when time is a restriction.

Having used Lloyds' Paladin equipment for many years, delivery was taken recently of two new 11-blade dual height Sensor Grip models. These 21" machines will be used on greens management immediately. Each machine will be employed each morning during April to October for approximately one hour on 4 or 5 greens to ensure a fine finish. Safety is an important factor and the new Sensor Grip facility was a key ingredient in choosing Lloyds' newest version of their famous Paladin equipment.

Course Director Gavin Simkins is also responsible for the landscaping of this impressive course including several mature trees, which provide a pleasant and aesthetic environment.

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