SnowEx spreads the load

Tony Hawkinsin Industry News

We're long past the summer solstice and the nights are getting longer but is it still a bit too early to be thinking about dealing with winter snow and ice?

SnowEx Vee Pro 3000 on JD Gator
It does pay to be fully prepared and in recent years many councils and contractors have adhered to a winter maintenance programme that has paid dividends when the harsh realities of winter arrive. Start now and you're spreading the load. We're still a long way behind the USA, Scandinavia and the rest of northern Europe in many respects but much is easily rectified by planning for the eventualities of sudden changes and heavy bouts of snow.

Since 1933, SnowEx have been meeting the needs of those dealing with hard North American winters. There is a complete range of SnowEx salt and grit spreaders, which has rapidly become the professionals' choice in the UK and Europe. You can build into your winter maintenance system towed spreaders for ATV's and mounted units for UTV's, 4x4s, pick-ups, trucks, tractors and trailers, right through to pedestrian walk-behind sprayers. Capacities range from 47 litres to 4500 litres and all SnowEx vehicle spreaders feature a 12V DC drive motor mounted in a water-tight enclosure for complete reliability.

The hopper is UV protected high density polyethylene, standing out in safety yellow, with zero corrosion and reduced weight. These spreaders feature a tough modular steel frame finished in electrostatic powder coating for a durable working life. A patented, multi-angled hopper allows effective flow of material and the inverted 'V' salt/sand baffle with attached vibrator is adjustable for a continuous flow. A fitted tarpaulin hopper cover tops everything off.

Start now by determining what your winter maintenance system will comprise and even if it turns out milder than expected at least you'll be ready, just in case.