Southern Green Europe – new company formed

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Southern Green Europe - new company formed

By Trevor Ledger


Southern Green Inc. the manufacturers of the innovative Soil Reliever SR54 and SR70 deep tine aeration machines have formed a new company, Southern Green Europe Ltd, in order to better serve the European Market. Heading up the operation is David Watson who will service the UK directly and manage the extensive list of distributors across continental Europe.

"There have been a number of attempts to establish the Soil Reliever as the number one deep tine aerator in Europe and, for one reason or another, the final link in the operation has not quite worked out as planned." Explained Watson from his Godalming base. "It made perfect sense therefore to set up a completely new company to oversee the development of Soil Reliever in the European market. I am a direct employee of Southern Green, the buck stops with me."

As a means of decompacting soil and aerating in all sports turf situations, the Soil Reliever scores very highly. With a unique design known as 'the winning circle' the operator is able to change tine depth penetration from the tractor cab. Similarly the winning circle gives an exact angle of entry that leaves very little disturbance on the surface - all of this at speeds of three mph.

The Soil Relievers from Southern Green are designed for use on all turf - from football pitches to golf greens. With premier football clubs and Open Championship qualifier courses buying in to the Soil Reliever solution, David Watson looks set to be a very busy man.

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