Sportsmaster WSF and Primo Maxx a winning combination

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Sportsmaster WSF and Primo Maxx a winning combination, come rain or shine

With the grass growing season well underway and unpredictable weather conditions providing the usual test of turf managers' mettle, Steve Cram, Course Manager at De Vere Slaley Hall in Northumberland, is confident that visitors to his courses will enjoy playing golf on high-quality, well-presented turf this summer, whatever the weather.

"I've used Everris's Ultimate Fairway Offer for the past two years, applying a Sportsmaster High N 35-0-14+0.13Fe water soluble fertilizer and Primo Maxx grass growth regulator combination as a tank mix in late April, mid-June and August", he explains.

"I find that the Sportsmaster fertilizer delivers the correct amount of nutrients to maintain healthy, consistent, good-looking fairways throughout the growing season. Primo Maxx is proving an excellent partner, providing useful control over seasonal grass growth on a very busy parkland course."

"During the summer of 2011, we were able to reduce the number of fairway cuts from the previous three or four a week down to just two a week, easing workloads without any loss in turf condition or appearance. Over the season, we saved a total of around 20 cuts."

"The Sportsmaster/Primo Maxx combination also delivered important benefits during the very wet summer of 2012 when a series of torrential downpours made the fairways frequently too wet for successful mowing."

With grass growth being controlled, Steve was able to defer cutting until conditions improved without any adverse effects, thanks to the nutrients being supplied to the turf by Sportsmaster WSF.

"During one particularly wet period, the fairways remained uncut for 10 days, yet remained in remarkably good condition and appearance," he added.

"I've been a fan of Primo Maxx for a number of years, using the product successfully on the greens and tees, and now on the fairways. In combination with Sportsmaster WSF, Primo Maxx will be an important element of our 2013 turf management programme."

The Everris WSF and Primo Maxx Offer is available to purchase through Pitchcare, call 01902 440250 for more information or to purchase.

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