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This is the first of a new biennial conference for those interested and involved in sport surfaces. Its inception is borne out of the successful SportSURF network, bringing together many academic disciplines and industrial parties to discuss and formulate research needs for sport surfaces of the future. The conference aims to provide a unique opportunity for the discussion of current research ideas and findings, dissemination of current practice and the transfer of technology and ideas between attendees from the academic and industrial communities.
The specific objectives are:

• To establish the 'STARSS' conference as an enjoyable and valuable addition to the sport technology calendar.
• To further establish the SportSURF network as an international community of sport surface researchers and practitioners.
• To disseminate current high quality research from around the world.
• To provide an opportunity to all attendees for networking, and encourage young researchers to present their research.
• To identify coherent research needs for the future benefit of the sport surface community.


The conference is aimed at those involved in all aspects of sports surfaces including: academic research; industrial research; facility design & procurement; construction, management/operation and funding; sport governance; accredited surface testing; standardisation; player/athlete coaching and welfare; and sport and exercise sciences.


The conference will be run over two days with a dinner on the first evening. The conference will balance the presentations between science and application and stimulate questions and debate between researchers and practitioners. Presentations will be given, by the paper authors, on a broad range of topics including (but not exclusively):
• Player-surface interaction
• Ball-surface interaction
• User perceptions
• Design and construction - innovations
• Biomechanics - modelling, instrumentation
• Laboratory and field testing - interpretation, innovation, spatial and temporal studies
• Environmental impact - sustainability, value engineering
• Durability - mechanical wear, measurement, environmental issues, maintenance


Dr Martyn Shorten (Biomechanica) - Sports Surface and Injury: The Missing Link, and Dr Colin Walker (University of Strathclyde) - Computational Modelling of Athlete Surface Interactions. Additional presentations will be given from leading practitioners, researchers and policy makers from around the world

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