Sprayer improves accuracy and reduces downtime

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Martin Lishman Sprayer
Martin Lishman's Tractor Mounted Sprayer has proved a real asset to a rapidly expanding grounds and estate maintenance company, based in Hertfordshire.

Matt Edmonds, Director of HorticMan Ltd, commented, "Previous spraying operations for a client had been carried out using a pedestrian sprayer and knapsack. The areas involved were large and the work took a long time, not to mention the physical impact on the operatives".

They invested in a Martin Lishman sprayer to complement their recently acquired all-terrain Antonio Cararro Alpine Tractor, to reduce the duration of spraying as well as covering larger areas more accurately.

"A friend suggested Martin Lishman Ltd and contact with Dr Gavin Lishman gave me the confidence I was looking for. I collected the 125 litre sprayer so that Matt Handley, Sprayer Sales Technician, could explain the operation and to ensure I had the right nozzles. Meeting a 'face' gave me even more confidence in a quality British product".

The multi-nozzle turrets, fitted as an optional extra, have given Matt Edmonds the spraying flexibility he was looking for. "The kit has been used for a two week spraying regime for a client with a 175 acre site, where the application rates varied depending on the herbicide being used".

The 125 litre 12 volt Tractor Mounted Sprayer is suitable for all their spraying applications including horse paddocks, car parks and other appropriate sites. The additional feature of the 10 metre retractable hose reel and hand lance allows for accurate spot spraying; the fully height adjustable 6 nozzle 2.5 metre folding boom, included as standard, allows spraying with one, two or all three boom sections, which has been an added benefit for spraying footpaths.

"The service provided by Martin Lishman Ltd has been excellent. From my initial enquiry, advice on what sprayer would most suit my requirements to answering technical queries, the service has been first class".

For further information on the full range of Compact Sprayers, contact Martin Lishman Ltd on +44 (0) 1778 426600 or visit www.martinlishman.com