Stevens launches Portable Soil Probe

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Stevens launches Portable Soil Probe for Golf and Sports Turf markets

Wireless POGO soil sensor offers Greenkeepers All-in-One spot checking for optimum health of greens


The introduction of the POGO Soil Sensor supports Stevens' strategy of providing sports turf technicians with a full range of reliable, long-term soil monitoring and data communications products. The POGO's patented soil sensing technology was designed for the US Department of Agriculture and has been deployed for 10 years in rugged environmental monitoring conditions. The technology is also used by NASA for testing the accuracy of satellite imagery of soil conditions.

Last year the company introduced the Hydra Probe II, an in-situ sensor that can be inserted into undisturbed "native" soil for simultaneous measurement of the same parameters. The Hydra Probe has been deployed at two major golf clubs in Georgia. In addition to the golf industry, the company is targeting other sports turf markets, including soccer, lawn tennis, horse racing, and cricket.

"One of the greatest challenges for superintendents and greenskeepers is consistency and efficiency in analyzing soil conditions," said Scott South, president and chief executive officer of Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. "The POGO Soil Sensor lets managers add more science and accuracy to the mix by taking a quick reading of known hot spots or random spots on the green. The data can supplement in-situ Hydra Probe data to give an even more complete picture of soil conditions."


  • The POGO offers a unique all-in-one capability for immediate sensing of moisture, salinity and temperature.

  • These measurements offer superintendents a way to better manage greens through optimized watering and fertilization.

  • The POGO's proven Hydra Probe sensing technology has been deployed by the USDA for 10 years and is used by NASA to verify satellite soil imagery.

  • The Pogo can be used for random checking of greens or to evaluate trouble spots.The POGO uses Bluetooth wireless technology to transmit data to PDA or laptop for real-time readings.

  • Like all Stevens environmental monitoring products, the POGO is designed for rugged outdoor use.

  • The POGO offers the proven technology at a cost-effective price, with volume discounts available.

For more information contact: Tom Breunig, Marketing Communications, Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

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