Supa-Compact Overseeders give big benefits

Amy Starkingsin Industry News
campey seeder Among the latest launches from Campey Turf Care Systems are the range of Vredo supa-compact overseeders, designed to enable greenkeepers to renovate turf surfaces quickly and effectively.

Featuring very compact dimensions, these new machines provide great manoeuvrability for maximum performance. They also exert very low ground pressure, minimising the risk of compacting the surface as they travel over the turf - a problem that can be associated with larger, heavier equipment.

Three Vredo supa-compact overseeders are available, with operating widths of 0.8m, 1.2m and 1.6m. Each can either be mounted on to the 3-point linkage of a compact tractor, or used as a trailed machine.

Compact dimensions are achieved through the incorporation of a double row of discs, giving a seeding width of just 35mm. The discs are designed with a special profile that makes sharp, V-shaped slits in the compacted soil with minimal soil disturbance to ensure that the treated ground can be brought back into play as quickly as possible. This also helps to preserve the existing structure of the rootzone.

The rate at which the seed is distributed is easily adjusted. After the grass seed has been dispensed, a roller presses down the slit to provide the ideal conditions for effective germination. Indeed, tests have shown that typically 90-95% of the seed applied by the machines germinates.

Since such a high proportion of the applied seed grows, a tightly knit, strong sward is established. This in turn increases turf vigour in the early stages and prevents the ingress of weeds or undesirable shallow rooting grasses like annual meadow grass (poa annua).

"Regular renovation is vital to ensure that turf is kept in good health and resilient condition," says Richard Campey, Managing Director of Campey Turf Care Systems. "These new supa-compact Vredo overseeders enable greenkeepers to do the job effectively, even in locations with limited access, using their existing compact tractors."
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