Super bright solar 40 LED floodlight now in the spaldings range

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Need lighting but lacking available power sockets, the Solar Floodlight can last for hours off one days charge in the sun

Lincoln, 31st July 2013 - Spaldings today announced the introduction of the Astron Solar 40 LED Floodlight to their product range.

This floodlight can provide light for up to 12 hours when fully charged or after an average day of weather will provide approximately 6 hours of light making it perfect for use all year round.

"The Astron Solar 40 LED Floodlight is a simple plug in and go light system, trusted to do its job with little input required.

Even on a day when the sun isn't blazing and as long as it isn't in the shade it typically charges enough for at least 6 hours of light.

The automatic feature will make sure the light turns on as soon as it's dark until either the sun comes up or the battery empties," says Mark Kimberley, Groundcare Product Development Coordinator for Spaldings.

"Equally so the light is fully portable with the option of manually turning it on and off as required by remote control, so it can be of use where ever you go."

The Solar Floodlight is made to last. It's got an IP rating of IP56 meaning that it's protected against dust and can deal with strong jets of water from all directions and still work.

So you could use this light on a ship's deck and it wouldn't bat an eyelid. The floodlight is highly versatile and suitable for a wide array of situations especially since the weather is not an issue and neither is the need for power sockets.

"There are no ends of uses for this floodlight. It can be used indoors, outdoors for security, lighting for equestrian outdoor schools, sign lighting, features and even for emergency backup lighting in the home.

That's only considering it as a fixed system, but adding the portable uses too makes for a very long list," says Kimberley. "This product is therefore a fantastic addition to our range as it works well in both the Agricultural and Groundcare sectors."

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