Sweeping success from STM and BEMAB

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Sweeping success from STM and BEMAB

New from the well-known suppliers of groundcare equipment, Simon Tullett Machinery, is the "WASP" range of street and hard surface brush sweepers made by BEMAB in Sweden.

The three units in the range are hydraulically powered and designed for towing behind tractors, using a standard drawbar and PTO fixing.

The smallest in the range - the G1 - is designed for any size tractor from 20HP and up, and, with a sweep width of just under 2m, is ideal for car park, factory yard and estate areas because of its excellent manoeuvrability and low noise level. The next two sizes, the G2 [2.2m width] and G3 [2.6m width], maintain the same principle for greater throughput and larger areas.

The sweeper operates by a direct in-feed principle using a larger drum collector brush at the rear and two smaller brushes at the front of the unit with adjustable width settings ensuring a clean sweep even close to road and building edges. The suspension unit on this collector brush maintains the necessary ground pressure as well as accommodating brush wear. This sweeping operation eliminates the need for a vacuum thus reducing maintenance costs and the risk of down time dramatically. The unit is of rugged construction and well-designed, with easily replaceable brushes, an internal water sprinkling system to keep dust under control, and a simple from-the-cab emptying system using integral lifting struts that tip the whole unit to exhaust the spoil through the brush end at heights from 1.5m [G1] up to 2m [G3]. Capacities are 700ltr [G1], 1500ltr [G2] and 2000ltr [G3].

BEMAB have had great success with these units, supporting it with the fact that one of their early units is still in regular use after 20 years.

The G1 is the first to be available in the UK for demonstration, and those interested should contact STM on 01789 488450.

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