TCE55 joins the Holland family

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TCE55 joins the Holland family

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"The newly-expanded TCE range is ideal for amenity applications, golf courses and turfwork, as well as polytunnel operations and specialist farming. Users have been delighted with the no-nonsense approach of the TCE. It is built on the quality and reliability that customers expect from New Holland, yet is simple to use and has low operating costs," said Kevin Carley, New Holland product specialist.

The Tier II emissionised engines are clean and quiet, with excellent torque and power characteristics. The frugal three-cylinder TCE40 develops 103Nm torque at 1800rpm while the top-of-the-range TCE55 achieves a maximum 160Nm at just 1600rpm from its two litre four-cylinder turbo-charged engine. The balance of low-end torque and top-end power means the TCE is equally at home engaged in light ploughing or towing.

Control, traction and manoeuvrability make the TCE stand out from the crowd. The 16x16 creep speed transmission provides operators with the full spectrum of working speeds. Four ratios in each of the four working ranges enable operations to be carried out from as slow as 250m/hr or up to 30kph.

Four-wheeled drive can be selected by the driver when required and is complemented by electro-hydraulic differential locks when maximum traction is needed. A choice of agricultural and turf tyres is available to suit various requirements, be it high levels of grip or low ground pressure.

An impressive 550 steering angle translates into superb manoeuvrability allowing short headlands to be easily accommodated, whether out in the field or in the confines of a fruit farm.

The TCE has a high capacity for work. A separate dedicated pump for power steering means a genuine 28litres/min is available for hydraulic applications front and rear. The 1200kg rear hydraulic lift capacity and three-speed PTO (540, 540E and ground speed) allows a wide variety of implements to be operated. A 400kg front-linkage capacity and optional 1000rpm front PTO further extends the versatility of the TCE.

The cab-less version of the TCE uses a suspended platform mounted on 'silent blocks' to isolate the driver from any noise and vibration. The adjustable position of the steering wheel and deluxe seat, and the ergonomic layout of controls provide a commanding location from which to control operations.

Owners of the four-cylinder TCE45, 50 and 55 can enjoy cool summers and warm winters by adding a spacious cab with optional air-conditioning to their tractor. Large glass doors and windows provide excellent visibility, with the windows opening to provide full ventilation.

Model range

TCE40 3cyl NA 38hp (ISO)

TCE45 4cyl NA 44hp (ISO)

TCE50 4cyl NA 50hp (ISO)

TCE55 4cyl Turbo 54hp (ISO)

new holland tns-a.jpg

The sleek New Holland styling - sweeping hood, lights and grille - is applied to the six new models, which all benefit from high levels of technology for this size of machine, such as Powershuttle and electronic draft control, as well as new Tier II emissionised engines. The new pressurised Blue Cab with air-suspension seat and the latest ventilation technology keeps the cab cool and calm as the works heats up.

The six TND-A and TNS-A models span 59hp to 76hp (ISO). The three-cylinder, three-litre Iveco engines provide plenty of power and torque while meeting the latest environmental emission standards. As well as offering more power than the outgoing models, the new engines are also quieter, making extended working hours more comfortable.

The normal-aspirated TN60DA and TN60SA, lightly turbocharged TN70DA and TN70SA and fully turbocharged TN75DA and TN75SA provide a wide range of choice to match customer's needs. As with all New Holland tractors, a comprehensive list of standard and optional features allows each tractor to be further tailored to operators' requirements.

Tight corners no problem

New Holland's unique SuperSteer™ and auto-dash 4WD driven front axle is standard on all TNS-A models. A 76 degree turn angle means class-leading manoeuvrability and gives the TNS-A a turning radius of 3.42m.

The automatic four-wheel drive traction management system disengages power to the front axle during turns or low draft applications, re-engaging as conditions dictate. A manual override allows full-time two-wheel or four-wheel drive. This intuitive system increases stability and control in turns and well as reducing fuel consumption, tyre wear and ground surface damage - particularly useful in landscape and amenity roles.

While the TNS-A comes with four-wheel drive as standard, the TND-A can be specified with either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive with a mechanical or electro-hydraulic engagement option. Standard rear lock differential can be matched with optional front-locking differential to provide the very highest levels of tractions.

Now sharing a common front axle with the larger TN75DA, the TN60DA - which replaces the TN55D - uses an specially-designed extremely robust axle, making the TN60DA as much at home ploughing a field as mowing a golf course. A new single central steering-ram on the TND-A now means equal turns from lock to lock to the left and right, offering more a uniform control.

Power transmission

Six transmissions are available from 16x16 Synchroshuttle to the impressive 44x16 Dual CommandTM with PowerShuttleTM and creeper gears. Dual CommandTM enables the operator to make a single ratio change under full load without using the clutch, reducing forward speed and increasing torque at the wheels.

The inclusion of PowerShuttleTM provides great flexibility. Changes in direction can be made easily without the use of the clutch, boosting productivity when using attachments such as a front loader or repeating headland turn manoeuvres.

The cab-mounted PTO speed selection lever is a new feature, providing full-control over the award-wining New Holland servo-assisted PTO system, which is standard on all TND-A and TNS-A tractors. The system gradually feeds power to the PTO allowing high-inertia equipment to be smoothly engaged. The choice of 540, 540E and 1000 PTO speeds and ground speed can be specified.

In addition to rear PTO, chassis-mounted front linkage and PTO is also available. With mechanical or electronic control from the cab, the 1000rpm front PTO is engaged via an electromagnetic clutch. The linkage has an electro-hydraulic control with minimum and maximum lift height settings and a fast raise and lower switch. The commanding driver position and sloping hood offer superb visibility of front-mounted implements.

High-capacity hydraulics

Powerful hydraulics make the TND-A and TNS-A fully-featured tractors in a compact form. A standard 47 litre/minute capacity or the optional 64 litre/minute MegaFlow™ hydraulic pumps are dedicated to the lift and hydraulic circuits with a separate pump for the steering. This translates into impressive performance that can be utilised across the tractor.

Up to four rear remote valves can be specified with optional 'push pull' couplers and joystick control. Two mid-mount remote valves can also be specified as a factory fit, again with 'push pull' couplers and joystick control, allowing powered front attachments to be easily connected and controlled. The new factory fit leaves all rear remotes valves available for rear hydraulic work.

Comfort factor

New Holland knows that driver comfort is a critical factor in productivity. The new ECO Blue Cab features a large glass area that not only provides excellent visibility of the working implements but also a safe and comfortable working environment with clear view in all directions.

New larger carbon air filters clean air entering the cab, cooled by the new thermostatically-controlled air-conditioning fitted as standard, which allows the operator to adjust the level of cooling to suit conditions. The tight sealing and the pressurised cab ensures safety and comfort when working with sprayers, the positive pressure blowing air out of the cab.

The New Holland TND-A and TNS-A take more than styling cues from their big brothers. A comprehensive features list in a powerful compact platform sets these tractors apart from the class.


Model Cyl / Aspiration kW (hp) *

TN60DA 3 / NA 43.5 (59)

TN70DA 3 / LTC 53.0 (72)

TN75DA 3 / TC 55.5 (76)

TN60SA 3 / NA 43.5 (59)

TN70SA 3 / LTC 53.0 (72)

TN75SA 3 / TC 55.5 (76)

* - Power ISO TR14396 - 2000/25/EC at 2300 rpm

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