Terrain Celebrates 10 Years at Saltex

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Aeration experts Terrain Aeration choose Saltex to celebrate ten years of restoring waterlogged and compacted turf and trees on sports fields, golf courses and parks and gardens.

The first, and latterly the only company using the Terralift one-metre deep compressed air de-compaction method, Terrain, having re-introduced the Deep Drill at last year's show now offer a complete aeration service. Customers, ranging from Parks Managers, Greenkeepers, Groundsmen, Architects and Home Owners can choose between the Deep Drill's 10 inch surface aeration treatment or the Terralift's one-metre compressed air de-compaction.

If turf managers are in any doubt as to which aeration method they need, the exact soil structure can easily be determined by employing Terrain's Soil Corer which produces one-metre soil cores encased in transparent plastic tubes.

The Company's Air Blaster gently but effectively excavates around tree roots to determine their overall spread. This information is vital for planners and architects working on sites with mature/protected trees.

As ever, the company offers 15% discount on any orders taken at the show.

For further information Tel: 01449 673783 or visit www.terrainaeration.com

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