The Baroness LM319. First in the field, number one on the golf course.

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lm319.JPGKyoeisha UK is the newest name on UK golf courses and is introducing a comprehensive range of high quality, high performance machines each aimed at a specific area of maintenance for fine turf areas including ride-on rotary mowers, ground management machines, ride-on and pedestrian cylinder mowers, flail mowers and tractor-mounted units.

First off the mark is the Baroness LM319, a flexible four-wheel drive mid-weight triplex cylinder mower with ample power from a Kubota D1105 26hp
Diesel 3-cylinder engine to cut large swathes of longer grass and the finesse to produce an approach quality finish.

A cutting width of 180cm (6ft) from 3 x 7 bladed reels with tungsten tipped bed knives as standard ensures the quality of cut stays far longer than you
would imagine.

With working speeds of up to 14.4kph and height-of-cut adjustment between 10-60mm, the mower features hydrostatic drive and 16.3cm diameter cylinders.

Baroness mowers in the U.K are distributed solely in the UK and Europe by Kyoeisha U.K. Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese Kyoeisha

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