The FairWays Foundation Completes Inaugural Grant Cycle

Louise Amosin Conservation & Ecology

After Aquatrols founded The FairWays Foundation in January 2019, the global not-for-profit has completed its first grant cycle this summer, with successful grant announcements having now taken place.

Matt Foster, CEO & President of Aquatrols and President of The FairWays Foundation

The FairWays Foundation has awarded over $106,000 / £80,000 worth of funds to a varied cross-section of environmental projects in both the USA and UK. The funds are available as a result of Aquatrols committing to transferring a percentage of sales to The FairWays Foundation. In the USA, Aquatrols customers are also able to donate points earned through the Approach points redemption platform, if they so wish. This has been seen as another way for the green industry to support conservation and environmental efforts.

Successful grant projects range from stream and grassland restorations and environmental conservation education for children to Ayrshire coastline pollinator movement The Irvine to Girvan Nectar Network in conjunction with The Scottish Wildlife Trust. To view more information about all the projects that are being supporting this year, click here.

Matt Foster, CEO & President of Aquatrols and President of The FairWays Foundation commented; "The most important message for us to share is this is not a contest. Applicants do not have to "beat" one another to get funding. They simply must qualify as a sound project supporting conservation, stewardship or education. As a former greenkeeper, I can remember wanting to cultivate environmental projects that made sense for our land and operation. But I did not always have access to necessary resources. Now those resources are available through The Fairways Foundation to greenkeepers across the land. Truly a grass roots approach to making a difference to their world."

The FairWays Foundation now looks ahead to the 2021 funding cycle which opens in April 2021. Find out how to apply.