The fine turf collection

Tony Hawkinsin Machinery & Mechanics

Wessex International has been steadily growing the range of Wessex ProLine RMX professional roller mowers which will be on show at Windsor.

RMX 360
The collection includes attachable rigid deck, Tri-Deck and folding wing versions. Built on a reputation for producing a finish equal to traditional cylinder mowers but with much lower running costs, there are now RMX mowers to suit all fine turf applications.

Turf farms, polo pitches, sports grounds and large amenity areas through to councils and contractors are among the many satisfied customers, say Wessex. At the top of the range is the 8 metre Tri-Deck, offering wide area mowing with cost-efficiency. Each deck on the triple mower has full width rollers at the front and rear that restrict airflow.

The high speed blades create suction beneath the deck chamber and the uncut grass is sucked up by the blades, leaving a superb quality cut at high speeds. The system works effectively across the whole range. Operation is simple. There are no electro-hydraulics or electric clutches. The transmission system allows wings to be engaged and disengaged whilst in work and wing control is independent. The folding wings can cut gradients from -30° to +30° with the middle deck remaining on level ground. While the eight metre Tri-Deck roller mower is built for very large areas there is also the choice of the RMX-680 at 6.8 metres width, the RMX-560 at 5.6m and the newly introduced 5m width RMX-500, each of which is the ideal choice for the council, contractor, sports complex or any other large amenity areas.

The RMX-360 is a 3.6m folding wing mower which can be safely transported on the roads, spanning 2.4 metres with the wings folded, making it an excellent tool for councils and contractors. At just over 3.1m overall width the Wessex ProLine RMX-300 is the largest rigid deck mower in the range. Ideal for use on football pitches, sports fields, parks and corporate gardens, the RMX-300 has a minimum power requirement of just 55hp. Running five precision spindles beneath the durable deck, and with a cutting width of 3.0m the RMX-300 makes mowing a professional football pitch a quick and smooth operation, with an excellent finished result.

Smaller models of the rigid decks are available in 2.4m and 1.8m working widths. Overall, each mower offers excellent build quality, while servicing and maintenance are kept at a low cost in comparison with cylinder mowers.

For a demonstration contact Wessex International on 01264 345870 Stand no. N04 at Windsor 2014.