Toro Lynx Central to ‘perfect course’

Izzy Cutlerin Irrigation

Reesink brings one of the key Toro irrigation products considered by the company to be essential in creating optimal turf conditions for the perfect golf course to BTME - Toro's Lynx Central Control System.

Remote connectivity for irrigation monitoring and control from anywhere, any time, means Toro Lynx remains as popular as ever for the UK's, and indeed the world's, golf courses, leveraging the power of the internet and today's latest technological advancements to provide actionable data to get the job done more efficiently.

Robert Jackson, water division sales manager for Toro distributor Reesink Turfcare, comments: "The perfect course requires the perfect combination of equipment, irrigation, resources and more and Toro helps you connect it all with the internet. Toro has consolidated five of its key technological products and services under one umbrella to bring better productivity and efficiency through better connectivity. It's called 'The Internet of Turf' and it all starts with Toro Lynx.

"By now most of us know how Lynx works. As a mobile web interface with remote connectivity by smartphone or tablet it gives course managers greater control of their irrigation system. It also provides access to critical data from anywhere to make proper decisions regarding irrigation practices. Focussing on the right data, and by having the right equipment to hand to implement practical solutions, Toro has harnessed the internet and technology to create a five step process to enable customers to maximise their performance, their equipment and their turf."

Robert continues: "It makes sense that Lynx makes the list of technological products and services considered to create the perfect golf course. Getting your irrigation right is one of the fundamental aspects for achieving optimal turf conditions."

Also at the show will be the truly innovative Infinity sprinkler with Smart Access, FLEX series, T5 and T7 series and the 590G sprinkler range with precision rotating nozzles, all from Toro. The Lynx Smart Module and Smart Hub which provide the flexibility of a satellite controller with the cost savings of a two-wire system and launched at the show last year was also on show.

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