Wiedenmann UK introduces the Terra Slit

Val Grahamin Parks

Wiedenmann Terra Slit.jpgWiedenmann UK unveils the Terra Slit at this years Saltex for slitting, spiking and aerating sports surfaces, including golf courses, estates and parkland.

Regular deep spiking and aeration breaks up soil compaction and provides desirable conditions for healthy root growth. By loosening compaction, the roots penetrate more deeply into the soil and better absorb water and nutrients.

The versatile Terra Slit can be fitted with slitting knives, heaving knives or coring tines depending on its application.

For deep slitting, especially on golf greens, the Terra Slit can be fitted with fine, long knives reaching a working depth of 150 mm. Knives can be arranged at either 75 mm or 150 mm spacings.

For those who want to create heave the there is a knife set for either low or high heave. Both sets are 200 mm long. Again both types can be spaced at 75 mm or 150 mm.

If you want to remove thatch but also aerate and spike the upper soil layer then you can fit hollow tines. The Terra Slit makes 80 holes per m² in one run with 150 mm spacings, up to a depth of approximately 80 mm.

If the soil is particularly compacted, the ballast frame may be weighed down with additional weights. On request, a hydraulic weight transfer system (suitable for 3-point cat. I) is available.


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