BMS support the NHS

Lee Williamsin Industry News

During these unexpected times, the team at BMS are working tirelessly to acknowledge the real heroes of the hour, the NHS staff, doing their best to ensure the health and safety of the UK. We caught up with Managing Director, James Buckholt to ask how they came up with this great initiative.

James said: "As a British manufacturing company, we wanted to help give something back and so, decided to turn our production towards a more charitable approach. The original idea was my daughter Amelia's, she is twenty years old and works in our team here at BMS. She runs our print studio and handles the sales orders for logo flags and such like."

"It was Amelia who made up the slogan 'supporting our NHS', and helped create the web page to promote the campaign:"

"Given the current lockdown situation, we are working with a handful of our key staff making the products; we have no visitors to our site, other than family and key workers to despatch packages and the odd order - a lot of which are coming from"

"It's really rewarding to see new photos being added, almost daily to Twitter, from orders we posted out last week. It's for a great cause and we are coming up with new ideas all the time, from football corner flags to stickers. Any new ideas are welcome so if you have any product you would like, just get in touch."

"While we are mostly shut down, we still have a small team here printing, and sewing these flags part-time. We felt it was the least we could do rather than sit idle, let's get creative and make stuff!"

60% of profits will be donated to the NHS trust for the fantastic work they are doing for us all. With the remaining balance used to cover raw materials, machinery and basic staff costs.

You can view the range of products here