Bourne Sport unleashes custom-built track washer

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Bourne Sport unleashed its new custom-built track washer on the Julie Rose stadium in Ashford recently.

The track washer was built in our own workshops and designed to improve further on some of the proprietary machines currently on the market.

After extensive testing and final adjustments to our initial design the machine performed excellently. It will next appear at the Guildford Spectrum and the Withdean Stadium, Brighton.

The machine is built around a Kubota 50hp compact tractor and comprises a high-pressure washer mounted on the front and a high output vacuum pump with clean and dirty water tanks located on the back.

It is designed for cleaning polymeric running tracks but can also address any artificial surface where high pressure washing and removal of dirty water is required.

Where tractor access is restricted, the machine can be used with two high pressure lances on long reels and pedestrian vacuuming units.

Regular washing not only makes the surface look good, but also ensures its longevity and performance. Take the opportunity to liven up your summer playing surfaces!

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