Eastleigh FC "gutted" after thieves steal tractor

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Staff at Eastleigh FC say they are "gutted" after a tractor worth £19,000 was stolen from their ground.

It happened at the Silverlake Stadium on Sunday night.

The Head Groundsman Dan Barnes arrived for match day preparations on Monday to discover the tractor had been stolen and the extent of the damage left behind.

Dan says there was "no remorse" by the people who stole it.

"It's extremely upsetting. Not just for myself but for the football club as a whole. It's a massive inconvenience financially and we now have to go through insurance claims. In terms of using the tractor itself, we're now approaching renovation periods and that's one of my main pieces of equipment that I'll be needing to overseed and prepare the ground, so it's a massive inconvenience."

The tractor is used primarily at the end of a season, where it is used to overseed and prepare the ground for pre-season friendlies in July.

Hundreds of people on social media have been retweeting the picture of the tractor in the hope of helping the club to recover the vehicle.

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