Hydroscape Offer Free Samples of Foam -N -Go

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Hydroscape Offer Free Samples of Foam -N -Go

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A completely new generation and revolutionary cleaning solution, specially formulated for the Amenity Turf Market.

With the general trend leading towards more responsible concern for the environment and, in particular, the increased use of wastewater treatment and recycling systems to comply with Groundwater regulations, Peter Roberts, Managing Director of the Hampshire based amenity water specialist company, Hydroscape Ltd, issued a challenge to one of the UK's leading detergent manufacturers. That challenge was to formulate a product specifically for use in the Amenity Turf market.

Peter states, " Many Golf Clubs, Sports facilities and Landscapers regularly use industrial detergents for washing and degreasing machinery. These detergents are also used for a variety of other washing functions, applied either by hand or injected into a pressure washer. In most cases, these detergents have either been originally designed for the automotive industry or formulated as a general-purpose caustic based detergent.

These products by their nature can contain chemicals as well as agents and re-agents that may be potentially harmful to the environment or present health and safety implications for the user, with a requirement to wear protective clothing and safety goggles. Often they are simply incompatible with wastewater treatment systems or even below ground oil separators due to their high pH levels, built in biocides or the tendency to generate high foam levels that hold onto oils and greases and won't release them for separation. In the worst situations some of these detergents can actually kill the bacteria in wastewater treatment systems and render them completely useless.

Peter's challenge initially sounded impossible! Produce a detergent with the following qualities: -

1. A universal product that can be used for cleaning and degreasing all hard surfaces from grass cutting machinery and tractors, to golf ball washers, from the workshop floor to interior surfaces of kitchens and washrooms. A product that can either be applied by hand or through a hot or cold water pressure washer.
2. The product should be totally non-toxic, and comply with all European environmental requirements, be completely biodegradable and not require the carrying of any hazard symbols or health and safety warnings.

3. The product should be as close as possible to a completely neutral pH
4. The product should not contain any chemicals that may harm the aquatic environment or bacteria used in wastewater treatment systems or sceptic tanks and should actually produce an additional food source for the microbes.

5. And, most importantly, the product should have an initial low foaming characteristic with a built in de-foamer to stop any possibility of excess foam build up.

The scientists were undeterred by the challenge and through many trials Hydroscape Foam-N-Go was developed. Foam-N-Go is a new and completely revolutionary product in the cleaning industry, fulfilling and surpassing all of the requirements.

Foam-N-Go is the only product of its kind on the market, being totally unique. It has an extremely impressive cleaning action, is cost effective and best of all is the finish Foam-N-Go leaves.

It has been observed that after using Foam-N-Go the washed item can dry to a condition where rain droplets will bead on the surface just like a waxed finish, ensuring a longer period between washes.

Foam-N-Go is available by Mail Order direct from Hydroscape Ltd. as a concentrate for dilution, in 5 Litre, 25 Litre, 200 Litre or 1,000 Litre containers.

To apply for your free 5 Litre sample of Foam-N-Go (see note) contact:-

Hydroscape Ltd., Water House, 10 Carvers Industrial Estate, Southampton Road, Ringwood,
Hampshire BH24 1JS Tel: 01425 476261 Fax: 01425 472380

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