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Two useful new options have been added to the Scotts UK Professional armoury of turf treatments, both addressing the demand from Turf Managers for iron-only products. Greenmaster Pro-Iron contains 5.5% Fe plus seaweed extract and is an ideal choice for 'hardening' the sward and achieving a quick green up without encouraging excessive grass growth.

Greenmaster Pro-Iron is formulated with the new Pro-Lite granule technology, which offers the benefits of enhanced longevity - some 4 to 6 weeks - accurate, reliable and predictable release plus easy spreadability. In addition, the new product contains seaweed extracts to encourage beneficial soil microflora, which can help improve nutrient cycling and general grass plant health.

Where liquid applications are preferred, Scotts new Sierrasol Iron is a fast dissolving, flexible option giving a rapid dark green turf colour response and toughening the sward against disease and wear. Sierrasol Iron contains no nitrogen and potash and can therefore be applied throughout the year without encouraging lush growth.
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