McCormick CX and MC four-cylinder tractors get higher performance, more fuel efficient engines

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McCormick CX and MC four-cylinder tractors get higher performance, more fuel efficient engines

By Vikky Morley

  • Among first tractors with innovative Perkins 1104C-44 four-cylinder engines
  • Four CX models from 54-75kW / 73-102hp with XtraShift gearbox option
  • Three MC models from 66-87kW / 90-118hp with four-speed powershift
  • Improved performance from more favourable power and torque delivery
  • Cheaper to run - lower fuel and oil consumption, longer service intervals

McCormick CX and MC four-cylinder engined tractors will be among the first to use an innovative diesel power unit that promisesMcCormickCX75.jpg

The Perkins 1104C-44 four-cylinder engine is one of a new family of power units developed to meet latest exhaust emissions standards and raise performance levels. Last year, McCormick selected the six-cylinder version as the launch engine for the 85kW / 115hp and 98kW / 132hp MC Power6 tractors.

Now, the four-cylinder variant is powering the McCormick CX and MC models to meet European Stage 2 / North American Tier II exhaust emissions with significant improvements in performance, running costs and driver comfort.

The larger volume 4.4-litre engine has been tuned to deliver the same maximum power outputs as its predecessor but with 'constant power' between 2000 and 2200rpm. In addition, the 1104C-44 delivers more torque lower down the rev range to give the tractors livelier performance under load.

Operators will also appreciate the cut in running costs that come from lower fuel and oil consumption. A new combustion chamber shape and cross-flow cylinder head design help improve fuel economy, while precision plateau cylinder bore honing and service intervals extended from 300 to 500 hours dramatically cut the amount of lubricant and number of filters consumed over the life of the engine.

Engineers also paid great attention to noise quality and output when designing the new engine. In combination with a roomy cab renowned for its noise suppression, this makes the latest McCormick CX and MC tractors exceptionally quiet and comfortable for long hours in the driving seat, whether the standard height Deluxe or Low Profile designs are chosen.

McCormick CX

The McCormick CX range comprises of four models.

Model Engine Fuel injection Maximum power 2000-2200rpm Maximum torque
CX75 4cyl mechanical 54kW / 73hp 294Nm
CX85 4cyl turbo mechanical 62kW / 84hp 345Nm
CX95 4cyl turbo mechanical 66kW / 90hp 387Nm
CX105 4cyl turbo mechanical 75kW / 102hp 415Nm

The CX tractors are supplied as standard with McCormick's new XtraShift transmission, which provides three powershift speeds in each gear plus powershuttle. There is no duplication of speeds from one gear to another so drivers have a choice of 24 speeds in forward and reverse, or 36 speeds in both directions when the factory-fitted creep version is fitted.

The original Synchro Shift gearbox, with its synchromesh shuttle, optional two-speed powershift and choice of 8 x 8, 16 x 8 and 24 x 12 gear sets, remains available for operators wanting a traditional transmission design.

Hydraulic services amount to a 60-litre/min open centre gear pump, plus a 30 -litre/min pump for steering and other ancillary circuits. Electronic control of the rear three-point linkage is standard.

McCormick MC

There are three four-cylinder engined McCormick MC tractors:

Model Engine Fuel injection Maximum power Maximum torque
MC95 4cyl turbo mechanical 66kW / 90hp 387Nm
MC105 4cyl turbo mechanical 75kW / 102hp 415Nm
MC115 4cyl turbo electronic 87kW / 118hp 494Nm

Electronic fuel injection gives the MC115 particularly good responses to increased draft or pto load. It also helps the engine develop a little more power and torque than the previous engine - 87kW / 118hp and 494Nm versus 85kW / 115hp and 480Nm torque.

Both mechanical and electronic versions of the engine are a good match for the McCormick MC's four-speed powershift transmission that in combination with four ranges provides 16 speeds forward, 12 in reverse or 32 forward, 24 reverse with the creep option added.

In addition to heavier duty front and rear axles than on the CX, the MC four-cylinder tractors also feature a closed centre hydraulic system with variable output pump delivering oil at up to 109 litre/min in response to pressure and flow demand.

For further information please contact McCormick Tractors International Ltd on Tel: 01302 366631 or e-mail

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