New stadium mounting system

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New stadium mounting system

By Phil Sharples

On Tuesday December 6th at the National Turfgrass Foundations' annual conference (at approximately 5:30pm) Fleet (line markers) Ltd are to announce their new solution for stadium pitch marking. Wolves-QPR-getting-ready-00.jpg

The concept, based on and around the new BeamRider laser guided line marking system, will incorporate the new markers unique ability to quickly produce highly accurate white lines via a quick coupling mounting system set strategically around the pitch. All this will lead to a new, innovative and ultra-effective way to quickly produce perfectly straight lines consistently time after time. Stringing out is set to become obsolete and the entire line marking operation will become a whole lot easier for everyone involved.

All conference attendees' will be welcome to attend the power point presentation on how the system may be installed into your stadium and the various options available for those interested in the system. For instance, the pitch mounting kit has been specifically designed for minimum aesthetical impact, it allows for root, water and gas movement around the socket while providing maximum stability to the coupler itself.

One thing is for sure, pop along to see what's new on the horizon and it may just change the way you view line marking forever!

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