Laser Guided line marking sets the Standards

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On the 2nd January 2007, after 4 years of development and testing, the BeamRider laser guided line marking system was officially launched as a saleable product by Fleet (Line Markers) Ltd, Malvern. The system is to be sold in the UK, Europe, Australasia and the USA.

The worldwide reception of the product can only be described as fantastic, winning four industry and innovation awards from the likes of the IOG, Turf Professional Magazine and The National Turfgrass Foundation formed a great starting point for the early pre-production system and gave all involved a tremendous lift. The pre-production version was also used to mark out a number of high profile sports matches such as Irish soccer internationals, a Scottish Rugby international, English premiership & championship club matches, German budesliga matches, even American Football pitches, in-fact, the BeamRider has been used to initial & over-mark just about every type of sport, from La Crosse to polo grounds to running tracks.

During every step of the development stages, the opinions and advice of professional groundsmen were sort and improvements made to the system. Fleet (Line Markers) Ltd - BeamRider's sole UK distributor - now feel sure the product is set to take the line marking world by storm. Steve Hayman, Fleet's Office Sales Manager said, "The BeamRider has already surpassed our initial expectation for sales. To date, it has been sold to the majority of the major sections of the line marking market, including; private contractors, local councils, professional clubs, and universities, it seems we have really met industry's needs with this product."

One of the latest highlights for the system is Coventry City's FC decision to purchase the BeamRider and the Stadium Mounting Kit. To be installed during the summer it will make Coventry's Ricoh Arena the most advanced, effective and accurate stadium in the world for line marking operations.

So how do some of the purchasers find the product?

beamrider 3 Michael Finch - Head Groundsman, Coventry City FC - "I find the quality and the definition of the lines quite superb, the precise finish is easily achievable as the system is so easy to use."
beaMRIDER 6 Roy Rigby, Head Groundsman, Manchester City FC - "We are always looking at state-of-the-art technologies that can help us produce perfect conditions for all our playing surfaces. Through using the BeamRider we have now changed our perception of line marking and the quality we expect week after week."
bearidr 5 Rick Webster, Private Grounds Contractor - "I bought the BeamRider due to the massive savings in time the system gives me. The presentation standards we now achieve, for all our marked surfaces, examples how we value quality issues within our contracts."
Bearider 6 Mark Freeman, Head Groundsman, Loughborough University - "The decision to invest and purchase the new system for the university was for the potential savings it would give to me and my staff in terms of both time and money. As a team, we are always looking to provide improved and higher standards of presentation and finish."
beamrider 2 Andy Matthews, Grounds Manager, Harrow School - "We purchased the BeamRider as it gives us the quality we require from line marking and saves us money in the process."

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